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Let's Journey Together

At the heart of our journey together lies the exploration of the subconscious, where we unlock deeply rooted patterns of stress and generational trauma. Guided by Spirit and The Inner Healer within you, we build a foundation of Liberation, Strength, and Inner Peace.

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As a Healer, I create sacred spaces where you can safely lay down your armour and tap into your own healing medicine. In this Sanctuary, you're invited to let healing flow through you, awakening the wisdom within to discover the answers you need.

Our sessions are dedicated to creating a space where you can address and overcome the mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages that stand in your way. When we journey together, you'll find liberation from past traumas and begin to walk through this world as your most potent, powerful self.

This is more than therapy; it's a gateway to deeper understanding and overcoming your struggles, all anchored in recognising and embracing the true essence of who you are—you, without the mask and armour.

Your healing journey starts here.

Nothing But Love, 

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As a registered member of the National Hypnotherapy Society, I am passionate about people. I don't use out-of-the-box programs; instead, everyone gets an integrated, tailored approach using a holistic, integrated method.

I offer free initial consultations, providing a warm chat to understand your needs better. Working across areas like stress, anxiety, ancestral healing, toxic family relationships, and boundaries, I conduct 100% online sessions, ensuring you feel safe and secure in your own home.


With flexible hours, my approach focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment, bringing a nurturing quality to therapy

Reset Your Nervous System

Develop a Healthy Relationship With Self

Walk In Grace &


Personalised Healing Path


“Talking to Lavinia is like talking to a friend; the best kind of friend…you know the ones who meet you where you’re at, do not judge, but will give you a nudge or kick in the ass if you need it to set you straight.

You feel so comfortable being your authentic self that you even forget you haven’t known her all your life.

I know that at any given moment, I can reach out and she will be there to guide and support without fail. …and can we talk about the gift that keeps on giving!  The wealth of knowledge and plethora of tips, tools, and resources she continually provides is beyond anything you can imagine.

What began as a late night scroll online, had turned into the best therapeutic relationship I didn’t even know I was looking for.”


"I had BWRT with Lavinia to help with a traumatic memory that was still impacting negatively on my life and relationships. Because of the emotion attached to this memory, I really struggled to think about it so would have found talk therapy too difficult.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to Lavinia she was so amazing, made me feel really reassured that I won’t need to talk about this experience in detail or think about it for long. The session was only 30 minutes and since that day I have been able to think about what happened without having that same emotional response. I can feel calm and can now work through what happened in a way that helps me heal rather than stay in a debilitating emotional cycle. Thank you again it truly has changed my life ”

Dr. E

"The words; transformative, therapeutic and coaching aren’t expansive enough to encompass what work with Lavinia has been like. It’s almost beyond words but to say the least, I discovered an incredible soul—a woman whose influence on my life goes beyond health, wellness, and business.


Her presence is a warm embrace, I feel not just seen and heard, but cherished. Through her guidance, my perspective on life, health, and owning my space has transformed. Gratitude overflows, because she is truly a beacon of hope and light in my tribe—a powerful force of love and change. Blessed to know her, and profoundly touched by the unique magic she brings into my world.


This also includes knowledge, well researched information, evidence based interventions, and resources as well. This has been truly the most holistic wellness experience I’ve ever had in my professional and wellness life. It’s an amazing blend and I am a repeat client for a life time!"

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